Improvement of the system features

JULY 29, 2013
  • Subscribers' phone numbers are displayed only to users with a corresponding access permission.
  • Development and testing of fax sending and receiving are completed.
  • The possibility to arrange several access permissions into groups is realized.
  • Everybody who has access can create and edit packages.
  • It is possible to specify the activation date in the deals.
  • Users who have access permission "ТМ Manager" can edit parameters of the users related to telemarketing. The corresponding menu item is added.
  • Financial information is available for users with "ТМ Finances" permission.
  • "Motivational calculator" is added to a user profile.
  • The design of users sign-in form is modified.
  • The totals line is added to "Summary report by managers".
  • In "Activations" report, if there are conversations related to a deal with a subscriber's confirmation, the following icon will be displayed
  • Step-by-step instruction for YateClient setting up is provided in a user profile.
  • Partial cancellation of a confirmed deal is now possible.
The admin panel update
NOV. 25, 2013
We would like to announce the results of the work done. Zvonokla specialists have updated the admin panel again and realized new functions among which are: the possibility to sell competitive packa...
Changes in the system
NOV. 21, 2013
To make the admin panel even more functional and user-friendly, we created new features and successfully realized it. Currently, we implemented several features into the system:   The fiel...
The system functionality extension
NOV. 19, 2013
We would like to announce new changes in the system. We made changes in the report templates “Total calls by months”, “Total calls by departments” and “Accrued points&...
Changes in the admin panel
NOV. 18, 2013
We continue improving the system and adding new functions to it. This time we added the English localization to the system. In addition to this, the following changes were made: Now the system u...
Implementation of additional elements
JUNE 17, 2013
Faxes setting up is added to companies menu. Any file can be attached to a deal (jpg, pdf, txt, etc.). The possibility to review uploaded files is added. The report on sent faxes by dates is a...
New system features are realized
JUNE 12, 2013
The subscription form is more convenient now. The display of dates and time in the reports is of a common type now. New access permission "ТМ Manager" is added. Improvement of the financial do...